Sunday, November 15, 2009

If You Could Have a Servant in Your Studio/Craftroom...

I've been frantically and furiously sewing and cutting and sewing and cutting for the last few weeks trying to manage an online quilt business and, at the same time, create some handmade gifts for some of my family members. I barely have enough time to come up for air, much less wind more thread on my bobbins.
So, this got me to thinkin': I need help! A servant, perhaps. And, just as many of you would agree, your mind wanders when you sit behind your sewing machine, listen to the hum of the gears and the creative juices are flowin'. What would my servant(s) do?

First of all, I would have a "bobbin bitch." (My sincere apologies to my two feminist mentors from college who would be appalled by this misogynistic term, but it has great alliteration -- yep, English major.) This way, when I run out of a color or don't want to stop my machine, my bobbin bitch would have separate bobbin winder to fill my every need and bobbin.

Second, a bona fide folder. Someone to fold the fabric that I am finished with or decided not to use, so I wouldn't be bothered with the clutter and the annoying task of actually putting things back where they belong!
Third, a MASTER BASTER!! The task a HATE the most when I am quilting is basting a quilt. I know there's all kinds of spray and yadda yadda to make it easier for us these days, but my method of choice is to do the sandwich on the floor with tape and safety pins. I've tried other methods and the results have not been as good for me, so I'll just need a master baster (eh-em) to come help me.

I need to baste this quilt this week. Do you think I could hire a master baster by this Tuesday?

So, what kind of servant would you have in your room????