Sunday, September 6, 2009

My New "Favorite Thing"

SO, as a quilter, I have a lot of scrap fabric hanging around. You know what I mean, if you sew as well. What do you do with all of that fabric? Sure, you can make 50 million scrap quilts and drive yourself nuts! Or maybe you can try this idea....

I've been transferring a lot of my stuff (ie, my flickr page and my etsy page) to show my new logo:

And, I got to thinkin' one night: "why not make fabric business cards to go with my fabric labels that I'm putting on my quilts??" So, I fired up the ol' Adobe Illustrator, simplified my logo to black and white, reversed the image, printed these on iron-transfer paper, iron the images on to some of my favorite scraps and taa-daaa:

I plan on putting these in my packages to customers. It's something a little different from the norm and I think it will make me stand out a little from the traditional business card. What do you think?