Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Carnival: Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition

For me, all other traditions pale in comparison to one critical tradition that goes with all holidays: spending time with family. Being married, you learn to "spread the wealth" in terms of your time with each side of the family, but I know that my husband, my children and I value our time with whomever we are going to be with from our families.
This year, we are excited to be spending time with my "little brother" and his wife in South Carolina, along with my mom and dad. We are sad that we won't be able to hang out with my husband's side of the family and the other members of my family that we will be missing in South Carolina, but they will most definitely be in our hearts that day, as they always are.
In this day and age, what more could we come to value but the people in our lives? I could go without the turkey, without the desserts, without even eating in general, but I could no go without spending time with my family! This year, make sure that whomever you are going to be with this year knows that you feel the same way!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Featured Blogger: An Okie Who Haiki's

Creative people often have lots of interests they like to explore at once, and this featured Etsyblogger is no different. Storybeader (etsy shop and blog) is a writer from Oklahoma who enjoys writing and beading (among other things) and integrates these two talents by writing a haiki for evey necklance she creates. Check out her etsy shop for this beautiful necklace and it's haiki.

My Haiki for Storybeader:

Storybeader! Go and write--
And me, decorate!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fluffy, snuggly, shredded quilt!

I'm so excited about how this quilt came out! I've never made a "rag quilt" before, so I looked up the basic technique on the internet, came up with my own pattern and measurements and "poof" this quilt was born. The fabric was given to me by a friend for my birthday and features girly images like cupcakes, booties, x's and o's, flowers and other cute things.

I made this quilt with eight fat quarters for the front, some random whites for layering and getting that thick "ragged" look, an unbleached batting (cut smaller than the block) and a backing from my scraps. I snipped the heck out of it with ragging scissors (Yes, they actually make those). These scissors are essential to a good rag look and your sanity!

These blocks are 6" x 6", perfect for using up your scraps! I sewed a 5/8" seam allowance to give some ragging room. Then, around the entire quilt I sewed a zig zag stitch to stabilize the edge. After two washings and a few trimming of thread, this was the result!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blog Carnival: What I'm working on....

Hey world,
When my blog group (etsybloggers) came up with this month's blog carnival topic, "what are you working on?" I thought, "Hmmm...the easier answer would be what am I not working on." But, to give you a little taste, here are some photos and some details about some projects I have going on...

Project #1: This is my most ambitious quilt pattern yet. It's a star pattern called "Star Flower" by Elsie M. Campbell. I bought the pattern several years ago and finally started. It's taken many hours to get to this point. Click on the image for more information from Elsie Campbell. There is also applique involved. I'm on block 1 or 8 on that part!

Project #2: This is a project that came about in one of my quilt groups. Our leader finds a block for us to do each month and then we can do whatever with the results, so I combined four of the blocks together. I might add some smaller blocks all the way around the outside as another border. Not sure! You can see each of these blocks on there own at my flickr page. Just click on the image.

Project #3: Matching robes for my daughters' American Girl dolls and them. This will be a Christmas present. Gotta get movin' on this. I have done anything!
Other projects:
A rag-edge quilt with Amy Butler fabric (pictures to follow . . . as soon as I start it).
An original quilt pattern that I have to get published.
A myriad of other things....
That's it!