Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fluffy, snuggly, shredded quilt!

I'm so excited about how this quilt came out! I've never made a "rag quilt" before, so I looked up the basic technique on the internet, came up with my own pattern and measurements and "poof" this quilt was born. The fabric was given to me by a friend for my birthday and features girly images like cupcakes, booties, x's and o's, flowers and other cute things.

I made this quilt with eight fat quarters for the front, some random whites for layering and getting that thick "ragged" look, an unbleached batting (cut smaller than the block) and a backing from my scraps. I snipped the heck out of it with ragging scissors (Yes, they actually make those). These scissors are essential to a good rag look and your sanity!

These blocks are 6" x 6", perfect for using up your scraps! I sewed a 5/8" seam allowance to give some ragging room. Then, around the entire quilt I sewed a zig zag stitch to stabilize the edge. After two washings and a few trimming of thread, this was the result!


  1. that looks gorgeously snuggly!

  2. I love your quilt! The colours are superb and the softness of it looks so cuddly!! Yay!