Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blog Carnival: What I'm working on....

Hey world,
When my blog group (etsybloggers) came up with this month's blog carnival topic, "what are you working on?" I thought, "Hmmm...the easier answer would be what am I not working on." But, to give you a little taste, here are some photos and some details about some projects I have going on...

Project #1: This is my most ambitious quilt pattern yet. It's a star pattern called "Star Flower" by Elsie M. Campbell. I bought the pattern several years ago and finally started. It's taken many hours to get to this point. Click on the image for more information from Elsie Campbell. There is also applique involved. I'm on block 1 or 8 on that part!

Project #2: This is a project that came about in one of my quilt groups. Our leader finds a block for us to do each month and then we can do whatever with the results, so I combined four of the blocks together. I might add some smaller blocks all the way around the outside as another border. Not sure! You can see each of these blocks on there own at my flickr page. Just click on the image.

Project #3: Matching robes for my daughters' American Girl dolls and them. This will be a Christmas present. Gotta get movin' on this. I have done anything!
Other projects:
A rag-edge quilt with Amy Butler fabric (pictures to follow . . . as soon as I start it).
An original quilt pattern that I have to get published.
A myriad of other things....
That's it!

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