Monday, December 13, 2010

A Pre-New Year's Resolution / Nook Pouch

I generally don't believe in making New Year's resolutions. Here's my reasoning:
1.) Resolutions are usually about giving up things one loves in order to lose a few pounds or "make oneself better." I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I make enough sacrifices every day. If I gave up soda (my one "vice") I--and my kids--would not be happy campers.
2.) They're too unrealistic and we end up being disappointed in ourselves.
3.) I make goal lists every day and do just fine without calling them "RESOLUTIONS."

But one thing I have been lacking and would like to add to my life is more writing on this blog. So, for 2011, I'm going to try to write at least once a week. My last post was in April (that is so sad), and I have made so many things since then. It's a shame that I haven't shared them (although there are plenty of pics on my flickr page).

I was so excited last night when I was making a pouch/zipper bag for one of my niece's that I started thinking, "I really need to put this on my blog." So, here is my zipper bag, which a Nook will fit snuggly into....

The inside of this pouch is lined with flannel. There is a little tag for a key ring or just holding onto, There is an exterior pocket that velcros open and close. The fabric is fun and funky...not too girly or manly. It was so much fun. I'm thinking of putting up a tutorial soon, if there's interest.

So, I'm ahead of the curve on the non-New Year's resolution to write more on my blog. More to come!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reached a New Level with Sewing

For months, I've listened to some of my "hand-sewing" friends talk about these "great portable projects." I never jumped on the bandwagon...until now. I've discovered English paper piecing of hexagons, and now I'm addicted. I even caught myself turning over the edges of a hexagon at a stop light!

So all you machine maidens out there...I urge you to hop on the "portable project" bandwagon. Instead of doing something stupid on your iphone while your little ones play on the playground, or while you wait in the drivethru at Chick-fil-A you could be quilting. Maybe English paper piecing isn't for you, but something out there is. I'm so happy I found this quilting project that I can bring with me everywhere!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Open Letter to the Snow

Dear Gigantic Snow Storm,
Please be gentle to us. My snow pants are uncomfortable. My boots leak. My mittens are wool and don't hold out the moisture. My kids bring you in every time they go out, leaving me following the little puddles of you everywhere. My husband goes crazy in the house when you are here. I'm armed with a 40-lb bag of salt and a shovel and an orange fleece hat. Oh. Be afraid.

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Product in My Etsy Store: Diaper and Wipe Pouch

So, my rag quilts for babies have sold really well. But it led me to the question: What would be the perfect pairing with that rag quilt for a baby shower? How about a diaper and wipe pouch to keep together those diapers and wipes in the diaper bag...once and for all!!!

You would be the most awesomest, best friend in the whole wide world to give your expecting friend a rag quilt for the new baby, but you would be super cool if you gave them a rag quilt AND a coordinating diaper and wipe pouch.
They seal with velcro but they look like they seal with a button. You get all of the cuteness of a button with all that ....hard work!
Completely customizable!
Love 'em!

Monday, January 25, 2010

January Stash Buster!

Stash Buster may sounds like a new movie in which moustaches are being wiped off the planet, but if you sew you know that it means going through a lot of fabric in your "stash" and using it in a quilt or other item. I've complied a large-ish stash of Kaffe Fassett fabric and have been dying to use it, so before the year got too busy I dove into it...or cut, rather!

I still have to add two borders to this quilt before I am finished with the top, but I like it so far. Lots of blue and purple stash busting...wouldn't ya know, I had to order more fabric for the border and backing?

If you busted into your stash today, what would be your fabrics? Red and turquoise? Amy Butler's Love? Maybe some red, white and black?