Friday, January 29, 2010

New Product in My Etsy Store: Diaper and Wipe Pouch

So, my rag quilts for babies have sold really well. But it led me to the question: What would be the perfect pairing with that rag quilt for a baby shower? How about a diaper and wipe pouch to keep together those diapers and wipes in the diaper bag...once and for all!!!

You would be the most awesomest, best friend in the whole wide world to give your expecting friend a rag quilt for the new baby, but you would be super cool if you gave them a rag quilt AND a coordinating diaper and wipe pouch.
They seal with velcro but they look like they seal with a button. You get all of the cuteness of a button with all that ....hard work!
Completely customizable!
Love 'em!

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