Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Carnival: What I've Accomplished in '09

So, it's 3 months in to 2009 (twenty-o-nine if you're Charles Osgood). It's 51 days into Barrack Obama's presidency. It's 3 weeks and 6 days into my son's life! So, what have I accomplished?!?!
As you may have guessed, I had a son! That was a big accomplishment, but one that I worked on mostly in 2008! Well, I guess the real work starts now, huh?

I've managed to fold every piece of fabric in my craft room and get a little more organized in the craft room (Evidence: see photo).

I actually figured out how to thread and use my serger that I got for Christmas! That is a huge accomplishment. If you have serger, you know what I mean! It's a daunting piece of equipment that just stares back at you saying, "Go ahead. Make my day."

And, I sold some quilts on etsy! I also have three custom orders that I'm working on right now, so I'm on a roll! AND, I designed a new logo/avatar that I still have to "go live" with. Let me know what you think:


  1. Sounds like you've had a great 2009 so far! You really are organized...and I love the new logo! Very creative :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome start to the year! I like your new logo :)

  3. Oh my gosh. Can you come to my house? I'll take care of your little guy and you can organize my fabric stash. Which is nothing short of messy as h*ll. :)

  4. Lindsey Banks3/14/2009

    Very nice! I'm impressed with the organization in the craft room :)
    ...and I like the new logo too! See you soon.

  5. Congratulations on the birth of your son!
    You're craft room looks great, and with a newborn in the house, it puts me to shame.