Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blog Carnival: A Childhood Memory I'll Never Forget

There were a couple of memories that immediately came to my head when I thought about my childhood, like constantly drawing with crayons, playing baseball on an all-boy team (I was the only girl) and going to Orioles games with my dad, BUT one event that impacted my life for several years to come was a particular bike ride when I was seven...
It all started with my sister and I heading up a big hill on our bikes. I asked my nine-year-old sister if we were allowed to go up this hill -- a hill that I might mention was, up to this point, off limits. She said, "Yeah. Mommy said we could." So, I pushed to the top of the hill and was looking forward to the fast and easy ride down.

About halfway down the hill, my handlebars started to wobble and I was going too fast to control my bike. I hit a gravel pit at the bottom of the hill, flew over the handle bars, landed on my face, lost two teeth (one was a front tooth) and got a nasty booboo on my arm. Not good. I was carried home by a complete stanger and handed over to my mom, who was nine months pregnant!

For the next several years, my two front teeth grew in as buck-toothed as one could get. So, I was left a red-headed, freckled, buck-toothed little girl. I got braces later and my teeth are fine now, but that is a memory that my whole family laughs at today. My sister still feels a little guilty about lying and telling me that were allowed to go down the big hill.
Even to this day, I think about that wobbly trip down the hill! I did two triathlons in the last year and I have to admit, there were some hills that brought me back to that infamous hill!

I guess the moral of the story is: never trust your big sister. And if you do, never let her live it down! Right, Jenny!


  1. Thanks for sharing the memory of that fateful bike ride. Jenny, how could you? LOL


  2. Cute story! I hear you on not trusting your big sister! I've gotten into plenty of trouble for doing that!

  3. yes, never let her out of that one! I'm a younger sister, so I know how it is!

  4. Did Jenny go down the hill too? :)

    Reminds me of my little brother riding his bike down a hill, losing control, flipping over the bars... we had to cut his jeans off him because his knee swelled so much.

  5. Haha..cute story! I'm the baby sister so I know all about it! :)

    Also, I just wanted to let you know you got the Brilliant Blog award! Visit my blog to find out more info: Thanks, Stacy