Friday, October 10, 2008

Etsybloggers Carnival Topic: Something to do with work

I've been at my current job since August 8, 2003. Since then I've added another "co-worker" and am currently in the process of creating another that will join the team on or hopefully before February 10th. I am a full time mom! Often called, stay-at-home mom, I can't say that I am home much, so I'm just a full time mom.

What does my job consist of? Making breakfast, lunch, dinner and a gazillion snacks a day for two little girls. Changing diapers ... only for one, and she is being potty-trained. Doing homework with the kindergartner. Going to the park. Going to the library. Doing lots of laundry. Cleaning up. Lot of vacuuming! Finding fun things to do on the weekends and in general laughing!

I love my job! It is tiring...more tiring than any "real job" I had before this. More stressful. More demanding. But also much more rewarding, much more fun and much more interesting! Afterall, just look at my two co-workers!
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  1. You do have a "real job" and it is the most important one in the world!! Your co-workers look happy and healthy ~ job well done!!

  2. I love your post! What a great job and one I hope to have some day soon. Keep up the good work and such cute little Ladies!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer and Glorybe1024!

  4. those coworkers are adorable! Know wonder you love your job!

  5. Wonderful post! I love that you called your kids your coworkers. As another full time mom, kudos to you for doing such an important job (and YES it is a JOB!!! pay ain't great but the benefits are amazing ;-)