Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog Carnival: My Dream Craft Room

As a member of EtsyBloggers, each month we have some common topics to write about on our blog. This month is exciting because it really gets ya thinkin' about your creative space and what would be included in your "dream" craft room/studio. I'm six years into being "a quilter," but I've been creative my whole life, so I've been working on a list for this "dream room" pretty much my whole life.
(this collage is from Nianau's photostream on flickr)
So, here goes:

1.) A vast expanse! My dream craft room would be large! I have a lot of "dream equipment" to fit into it (see the rest of the list) and "dream supplies," so everyone needs a room of one's own, right? Yeah, well, mine is a big room . . . with bright green walls.
2.) Sewing machines! An upgraded Bernina (one that is whisper quiet, with lots of alphabets and lots of bells and whistles), a separate space for my serger, a large long-arm quilting machine (brand TBD) and a cheaper sewing machine for sewing paper and other cool stuff (without ruining my Bernina).
3.) Tables! A separate table for my sewing machine, a cutting table, a gi-normous craft table with nothing on it except the thing I'm working on at that moment, a nice table for my computer, and a few more tables for other things that I'm sure I'll need a table for!
4.) Shelves! Think old-time pharmacy meets modern craft room. I'm thinkin' a cool piece of furniture for storing all kinds of cool things to display but also wall storage for my fabric.
5.) Fabric! I want bolts of fabric separated by collection, color, purpose...every which way one can organize fabric! (This oughtta be enough fabric: Can you believe that stash?)
6.) Walls! Bright, happy ones! With space to display some of my quilts (on the rare occasion that I keep one for myself).
7.) Windows! Overlooking some mountains (like the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Adirondacks -- since this is my dream craft room, it must be in my dream house in the mountains of the East Coast, right?)
8.) Hardwood floors! I want to be able to roll around in my extremely comfortable chair to each of the stations that I have!
9.) Music and TV! A girl's gotta have some good tunes and watch Survivor, Grey's Anatomy and Lost!
10.) A Play Area! Note the word "area." And by area, I mean something with a picket fense around it that I can keep closed and keep the kids in. It would contain their "dream toys" so that they would be occupied and require little supervision. Boy, this is a dream!
11.) Stuff! Since my list is quickly expanding like the walls of this dream craft room, I will end it with just "stuff." I want creative stuff at my fingertips. This includes all of the stuff one would need to create masterpieces on a daily basis: fabric, thread, glue, glitter, a comfortable chair, a sitting area to brainstorm with friends, scrapbook paper, printers, ribbons, pins, a fridge full of nothing but Coke, needles, chocolate, scissors, batting, stamps, ink, markers, colored pencils, notebooks, books, magazines, inspirational websites, an unlimited supply of petty cash to shop with ... oh, and maybe even a #2 pencil or two!

So, what would you have?


  1. fabulous photos! amazing, wonderful wishes. Here's hoping your dreams come true!

  2. Wow...look at those great photos! Your dream room sounds amazing!!!

  3. Awesome Ideas. I need to think about my dream craft room!

  4. I was lost in all the photos....I wish for the same space.


  5. You have great ideas. Right now I just have a table to sew on in the dining room. First step - get a room! :)

  6. Maybe there's a three car garage around somewhere that you could borrow...sounds like you need one that size to fit your dream toys. The green walls, coke, TV and tunes sound good to me, too. Happy hunting for your dream craft room